International Higher Education Conference

Theme: Before and After the Pandemic

Date: 31 March – 1 April 2022
Venue: Virtual

Chair's Message

Welcome to the 1st International Higher Education Conference (IHEC 2022)!

Internationalisation for the higher education industry may no longer be what we used to imagine before the Covid-19 pandemic. While many higher education institutions are strategizing for Education 4.0, the pandemic has unexpectedly disrupted everything. To name a few, teaching, learning and assessment experiences, mobility, mental wellbeing, graduate employment, and even the meaning of education.

This Conference is a platform for leaders, scholars, and researchers of higher education institutions across the globe to share their visions about international higher education; experiences and tactical approaches dealing with various challenges in times of uncertainty and unknown challenges, as well as other aspects of higher education internationalization, leadership and management.

We are honoured that we have the support from our collaborative network of both local and international higher education institutions, i.e. The National University of Malaysia, Amity University Mumbai, India, and Islamic University of Maldives. We are also honoured to have a very diverse group of invited speakers and moderators from 19 institutions of 12 countries in different continents of the world to share their visions and views on their respective topics.

I trust you will be inspired by the insightful sharing of the key leaders from these institutions. We look forward to having many of you in the Conference.

Let the excitement of ideation flow!

Thank You.

Dr. Lai Yin Ling
Organising Committee


Organising Committee

Dr. Lai Yin Ling
Deputy Chair:
Prof. Dr. Amran Md Rasli
Public Relation and Engagement:
Prof. Dr. Tiu Zean Cheak
Conference Execution:
Dr. Mcxin Tee
Webmaster and Design:
Eddie Soon
Collaborative University Representative:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Latiff Ahmad, Director, International Relation Centre, The National University of Malaysia
Assist. Prof. Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit, Amity Business School, Mumbai
Ms Aishath Shina, Acting Director, Local and International Relations, Islamic University of Maldives


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