International Higher Education Conference

Theme: Before and After the Pandemic

Date: 31 March – 1 April 2022
Venue: Virtual



Roundtable Sessions

Dato’ Ngiam Foon
Past President, MATTA
Consultant, Business and Digital Transformation

Title: Will International Mobility Ever Be The Same?

Roundtable 1: Repositioning Higher Education: Overview of strategies formulation before and after the Pandemic

This Roundtable presents a high level of sharing of various universities’ strategies in growing and managing international higher education before the pandemic and re-strategising in the new norm. Listen to the VCs and DVCs of various local and overseas universities on how to redefine higher education.

Roundtable 2: Tactics Dealing with Unknown and Uncertainties

Roundtable 2: Strategies Dealing with Unknown and Uncertainties Growing with Education 4.0, most higher education institutions started adopting blended learning before the pandemic. When the massive lockdown happened in almost every corner of the globe in early 2020, depending on the technology readiness and privilege of mobility, many responded differently.

This Roundtable provides is a platform for institutional policy makers and subject experts to share their strategies, tactical approaches, and good practices dealing with those unknown and uncertainties in ensuring learning and teaching activities are not compromised.

Roundtable 3: Internationalisation at Home

The reality of domestic students in higher education institutions lacking opportunities in cross cultural experience has brought many institutions to deploy various internationalization initiatives to promote global student identity. While the pandemic may have disrupted mobility of everyone, but the on-campus cultural learning opportunities like internationalization of curriculum and inter-cultural collaborative research projects seems to be receiving more attentions.
This Roundtable brings together scholars and leaders of higher education institutions who are proactively promoting internationalization at home and development of new initiatives to explore possibilities.

Roundtable 4: Cross Border Internationalisation

Traditionally, cross border internationalization is commonly carried out through movement of people, programmes, higher education providers, knowledge, ideas, projects and services across national borders. Some very successful models that aim at commercializing research and higher education include setting up of overseas branch campuses, franchise and twinning programmes, study abroad and exchange programmes, etc. However, as the political, social, economic landscapes are transforming, such models are no longer attractive. This Roundtable brings transnational education providers together to share challenges and way forward in making cross border internationalization viable and sustainable.


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